What Are the Most Painful Places to get Tattooed?

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In the past twenty years, tattooing has become not only a cultural thing here in the States but an art. Our elders are notorious for chapping our hides for marking our bodies, but it hasn't stop our curiosity for basic tattoo information.

Many first time tattooer's main question is: "Where are the most painful spots to get tattooed? Admit it, half of the decision process is deciding where to get your art based on the pain. Now, nobody said it wouldn't be painful because let's face it- an hour or more in a chair dealing with a razor being drug through your skin isn't exactly pleasant. However many find satisfaction in getting meaningful art imprinted on their skin despite all the pain. Before getting your first tattoo is best to do all the research you can on artists/parlors, tattoo care, and most importantly where to get tattooed.

Everyone deals with pain differently, so not everyone will agree when they talk about the pain they endured during their tattoo. One thing to keep in mind when getting your first tattoo (or next tattoo) is that any area with large veins, and lack of fat and/or muscle will hurt the most. One of the most painful spots to get inked is the Neck area. First reason being the obvious- there isn't much fat and it's basically one giant artery. The skin in that specific area is very thin, and being as you move your neck quite a bit it makes the healing process extremely delayed.

In many tattoo forums it is said, by the males of course, that getting work done over your adam's apple is incredibly agonizing. Another harrowing tattoo spot is the foot- top or bottom. As uncommon as getting a tattoo on the bottom of your foot is people still do it. If you're one of those people you may need to invest in a wheelchair, for it will make it down right impossible for you to walk. The top of your foot is just as much of a pain to take care of. They'll suggest for you to not wear shoes that cover the top of your foot; especially wearing socks due to the constant rubbing on the tattoo. If you fail to follow these instructions it could cause an infection, making the tattoo askew, and also scabbing and pealing- yuck!

Tattoos are quite the investment and with that being said you want to get a tattoo somewhere that won't have a chance at fading away. Yes, that can happen; especially when you consider being "avant garde" and getting a tattoo on your inner lip. Without going into the obvious reason why it would hurt; the fact that your mouth is a moist place it hinders that tattoo healing process, causing you to go back for monthly touch-ups. As if tattoos weren't costly and painful enough, lip tattoos just don't seem to be worth the effort or the money.

Lastly, another spot to reconsider, although highly popular, is the back area- more specifically around the spine. Not only is that a highly sensitive area, but we're talking about a razor stabbing your backbone. The main reason why getting tattooed over your spine can be painful is the fact the tattoo needle is most likely to hit a nerve-literally.

Basic tattoo information will usually be based around personal experience, and years in the profession. Keep in mind that everyone's pain tolerance is different, but from gathering information in forums and tattooing magazines; these places listed above are universally mentioned as some of the most painful spots.

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